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Freightways Sustainability Report 2021 - 2022

There are no quick fixes to the environmental situations humanity faces. But, with patience and determination, there are things that Freightways can, and indeed must, do to play our part in helping change the future for the better.

In this, our second Sustainability Report, we set out our own journey of change and where we see that leading us as a team and a company. 

Wellbeing Top Tips

COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way we work, socialise, travel, access healthcare, exercise, shop and live. We know many people are feeling anxious, stressed, worried and scared.

It’s time to work out how we’re going to look after our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our whānau and community as we get through this – together.

Click here to read more on The Mental Health Foundation website.

Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health is a positive resource that can lead to resilience, allowing us to respond effectively to the challenges we face.  Gaining a better understanding will create more positive outcomes.  For more information click on this link.

Quit Smoking

Many Factors contribute to health

Many Factors contribute to health

Read more:

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Healthy Work Life Balance

Healthy Work Life Balance

It’s important to realise there’s no such thing as a perfect work-life balance. Getting yours right doesn’t mean that everyday you’ll be able to do everything you want.
Instead, this is something you measure and improve over time. Unfortunately, some days you’ll have to work more than others. However, overall, things should equal themselves out and you should feel like you have control.

If you’re looking for a better work-life balance, try:
1. Setting your work hours… and sticking to them
2. Prioritising your time
3. Organising your workstation
4. Getting enough exercise
5. Having sufficient sleep
And what you want to share......

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Eye Care

Eye Care

Your eyes can actually tell a lot about your general health. Don't wait until your eyes feel dry to take care, do some regular eyes' movement can help

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Smell the Roses

Smell the Roses

Take Notice- Smell the Roses

We’re often told to stop and smell the roses. When we take notice, we are giving ourselves space to become mindful, breathe and slow down. Notice a moment, and appreciate it with all your senses!

Simple things we can do to rest, switch off and recharge.
Reading, watching a movie, yoga, and deep breathing are all great ways to unwind.

Or explore more ways here

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Smoke Free Organisation

Smoke Free Organisation

Smoke Free Aotearoa wants to see a Smoke Free Nation by 2025. Can we beat the country and become a Smoke Free Organisation by 2020? LET'S MOVE IT!

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Stop Before You Start

Stop Before You Start

Do you really want a past-time that might kill you? #StopB4UStart

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Need a Reason to Quit?

Need a Reason to Quit?

If you would like more information on the support available to help you quit smoking, see your Regional Champion or visit

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Quit Bus is Here!

Quit Bus is Here!

Every hour, day, week, month and year that you go without smoking, your health will improve.

You will feel immediate benefits when you quit as your body starts to repair itself. Quitting at any age is beneficial and not only increases life expectancy; it also improves quality of life.

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NZ - Love Your Smile

Good oral health is vital for your general health and well-being and your quality of life. 

Freightways in NZ have partnered with Lumino The Dentists to offer you and your family $69 new patient exams and x-rays as well as 5% off dental treatments.

Click on this link for a list of practices, conditions and services available.

1/2 Price Eye Exams - NZ

Maintaining perfect eyesight is such an important part of being able to work well and live your life to the full.

That's why we have teamed up with Specsavers Optometrists to give you & your family members half price eye examinations.

Click on this link to register for a voucher to present in store:


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